How i could save my info for the next installation?

I do not know what is saved locally and on the server.
Everything on the computer will change , even the category of Operating System , so i guess no way to backup and restore will be simple.

I am open for suggestions
Tank you in advance !

Almost a week lather , no reactions at all.
Cmon , someone say something , the usual useless answer when … would event be better than NOTHING AT ALL …
you do not even fake to care … , i will remember it , a so simple question …
Try to get more money from me … , ha ha ha , too bad.

Information that is stored by both the launcher and the game client on your drive can be found in %localappdata%\ccp\eve\ on Windows, you can enter that path into the Run Windows Key+R window.

See more information about migrating profiles in this helpdesk article.

Too late !!!
Lost everything.
I did no schedule that event 2 week in advance …

Tanck you anyway , it will not happen again with tis info.

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