Uninstall/reinstall/migration Backup

When planning to completely uninstall the EVE client and manually removing all left over files (or planning a migration to a new harddisk), what files to backup and which folders are they in?

(thinking about screenshots, chatlogs, settings, notepad entries, fittings and alike: which ones are saved server side and which are client side and need to be backed up before a wipe?)

Bought a new SSD and set up a brand new Win 10 installation a month ago:
Worst issue I noticed was my resetted overview, there was much work lost.
Sound and video settings also were resetted.
My notepad entries are still there, so are the fitting saves and saved bookmarks in space.

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Screenshots, chat logs, saved Overview profiles:
My Documents\EVE

Window positions, keyboard shortcuts, color schemes, etc.:

Game files:
c:\program files\EVE-Online (or wherever you installed it - backing these up will save you from having to re-download 20+ GB all over again).

The AppData folder is a hidden folder in Windows and you must go to the Windows Control Panel, Folder Options, and Show Hidden Folders in order to access it.


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