Backup Plan is Hiring! Sov nullsec corporation

Backup Plan is a nullsec corporation operating in the Querious region, as members of the alliance; Stellae Renacitur. We are also apart of the Querious Fight Club (QFC), which is a programme maintained by Goonswarm Federation, you can read more about QFC here. We operate in timezones all around the world, and are frequently online. Our primary language spoken is English.

We are seeking members that are keen to get involved with PVP, no matter how much experience you have, there’s a spot in any fleet for everyone. PVP ops we do are various and include random roams, scheduled alliance ops, structure bashing, capital fleets, black ops, and happy to do anything else people are interested in. While PVP is an essential part of nullsec life, there will be no mandatory or forced fleets, making it easy for people to get on with real life and play their own way.

Along with PVP, we also engage in everything else EVE has to offer; PVE, Mining, Industry, Trade, Exploration, and more! Being that we operate in nullsec, the ISK making opportunities are brilliant and will fund your desires.

Because we are members of QFC, our location in EVE is very well settled and we do not need to move around at all. Certain protocols within QFC unite us all together with the support of the Imperium to eliminate non-QFC threats.

What do we offer:
– PVP fleets and operations.
– Upgraded systems for mining/industry/ratting.
– Citadels and engineering complexes with useful benefits and low tax.
– Sov warfare.
– Citadel bashing.
– Boosted mining operations.
– Multiple ice mining systems.
– JF Programme, for easy logistics.
– Corporation and alliance supplied PVP ships.
– Teamspeak 3 and Discord for comms.

What we require:
– Try to PVP as often as you are able, it assists with the defence and maintaining of our home, permitting us to make ISK and have fun!
– Join the Standing Fleets when you are online, for your own safety, and to assist others.

None of our PVP operations are mandatory, and we do not require you to do a set amount of PVP per month, this allows you to have more fun and join when you are able. Participation is greatly appreciated, and rewarding.

Want to learn more:
– Our public channel in game is called ‘BackupPlan’
– You can mail Piugattuk or Gunnar Hlidar for more information.

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