Ban PLEX sales

I was thinking that CCP should stop all PLEX sales, trading real life money for ingame currency is basically the death of the game. Something to think about?

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Banning it would be the death of the game - Pandora’s box has been opened, far too late to try and close the lid, the world has changed, the whales are the primary customer demographic.

Edit: and ‘thinking’ does not appear to be your strong point :face_with_monocle:

I disagree, it is easy to close the lid, CCP can simply stop selling PLEX and that will solve the problem nicely. It looks like I just out thought you again, better luck next time!

No it’s not.

Why should some people be barred from playing the game if they don’t have the RL time to invest farming isk for 10+ hrs a week ? Better to convert RL workhours into gametime currency tbh.

Why even log into EVE at all? Once you start talking about conversions of RL workhours into gametime currency, I think you’ve jumped the shark and are no longer thinking like a rational person. The only solution is to stop all PLEX sales and then people can either play the game or not, but trading workhours for game currency is a no go!

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