Allow players to sell Plex for real money

As soon as the EULA is CCP owns any ingame items / Data wich makes it illegale to sell it for real money.

I want to change this. People should be allowed to sell items for money as they want.
Because of good reasons:

-people pay real money to ,get" items so they also should own them
-people alrdy ,own" items ingame just have no law for it because the EULA is abouth it

i highly thing this is a law-issue as ccp also allows real-world-money exchange it could be even NOT lawfule that player NOT own the plex they payd for or that people get the plex other people payd for.

Its a paradoxon in firtst place and also a LAW-Issue that we not own the plex we have rightfuly purpased with real money.

Its their game, their IP. They own all items and data. If you buy any other game or movie, you have no rights to manipulate them.


It would be nice to be able to sell Plex for real money, but it will never happen and it shouldn’t because it will open up a whole load of real world problems.

CCP sell Plex, and they can’t loose potential profits because of people constantly under cutting them. There will also be people playing the game so much that they will practically make a living off of Plex sales, and that will cause real world tax problems.

ye sadly. i like to have an option that makes it possible to sell online items for cash. i mean in theory the plex even when underbitten always has the sorce in creation that ccp creades it. so it always will find people who buy plex…in thoes terms im not worryd that people would stop to buy plex. its more like if there would be a feature for people to sell items lawful for cash it would be dope.

i have now collected so much valubl things it would be neat to sell them.

Yeah, why play a game for fun when we can turn it into a low paying job?

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That would only encourage more botting. No thanks…


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