Band of Builders [BOB] Is recruiting! New and Veterans welcomed

Band of Builders INC Industrial, Recruiting, Veterans, Returning or New Capsulers!
Established in 2003 and looking to rebuild our ranks to the
ranks we had back in the Great Wars of Querious.

  • Base Office - Lower Debly Chemical Tech Factory

  • Easy Going, Laid Back, Drama Free

  • Located Amarr Empire regions

  • Experienced Help

  • Missions and Mining Ops WH, Exploration etc

  • English

  • Discord

  • All time zones

  • Tons of Resources

  • Public In Game Channel - Spooky Central

  • Mature Pilots

  • Tax a modest 3%
    ** In Game Contact Sassiee, Rusty Nals, Octvaio Bravo

    Discord Band of Builders [-BoB-]

Just Bumping in…

Growth is happening, Welcome new Members!

Awesome more new Pilots…What ya waiting for!!! Sign up Today!

I would love to get a little bit more information about the corp. I am a returning player. In the past I have mostly mined, dipped the toe in Indy stuff. I still want to do all those things, but I also want to branch out into other areas of the game. Right now, just started an alt and I think I might focus him on Exploration.

Would love to hear form you.

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Hi Nystel Please drop by Spooky Central our Public channel in game and Either myself or someone else would be happy to answer all your questions or concerns. Thank you for reaching out

…and we’ve removed the blood test portion of the recruitment! Stop by Spooky Central.

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Hi Rusty,
Got your ingame mail and I have joined the Spooky Central channel.

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That’s Great Welcome aboard and Looking forward to flying together

We’re happy to help new players get started in the game and answer questions. Join us in our channel, Spooky Central, and give a wave o/

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Ranks have grown considerably, very nice see!!!

Possible Alliance (s) in the works no word as of yet. Debating to make sure we get the right fit for all our members

…and a note to new players in the game, we are quite determined to help you out. It’s not the easiest game to master when you’re new; we’ve all been there. We’ve got a good bunch of veteran members who can give you some direction.

Feel free to ask some of our new corp members about their experience so far in our public channel, Spooky Central.

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Great response from the New Player Base!!!

Alliances have been formed!

Come to our Channel, Spooky Central, and feel free to ask questions.

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TGIF :sparkling_heart:

Our First Mining OP with new members a success!!!

Another Weekend gone to soon

Lots of new members from Asia to Norway and all parts in Between!!!