[-BOB-] Band of Builders Inc. - Recruiting both New and Veteran Capsuleers

Founded in 2003, Band of Builders Inc. is recruiting!

We welcome both new players and veterans alike.

We’re a great place for capsuleers who do mining, manufacturing, exploration, and run missions.

New Players:

Are you brand new to the game and looking for a little guidance? Our members are new-player friendly and you may find other new players to grow with.

Trying EVE again?:

Did you try the game out years ago and got tired of muddling through it at that time and want to give it another go? We’ll do our best to help you along and help you love the game as much as we do.

Veteran Players:

Whether you are returning after a long break or just looking for a change of pace in the game, perhaps we have what you are looking for.

Our content currently is in High Security Space and Wormhole Space.


For those interested in mining and running missions in “known space” under the watchful eye of CONCORD.

• Mining: Our home system and surrounding systems have all the high-sec system ores you’re looking for as well as ice belts.

• Mission Running: A range of agents from level 1 to 4 around our home system. Our tax rate is only 3% (Don’t pay 11% by being in an NPC corporation!)

• Manufacturing: We can offer access to a large variety of blueprints for you to copy so you can build whatever you need or want to sell.


Currently we have operations in wormhole space in co-operation with another corporation. Perhaps you would like to try some exploration. Maybe you want to do more risky (and rewarding) mining / PvE activities and even some PvP. Then wormholes may be the content you’re looking for.

A few general details about us:

• Located in Amarr space (for high-sec)

• Experienced help

• Veteran pilots

• Resources for manufacturing

• English speaking

• Discord

• Our public in-game channel is: Spooky Central

Join our in-game channel, Spooky Central, and chat with us.

bump. we are in a c2 with a static c3 for content and hs for trips to jita.
i run locust fleets (gashoppers under boosts and compression) to get your fill of wh gas. we also pvp in the wh or where ever we might find a ls or null exit.
come to spooky central and give us a chat. =)

bump. still lookin for help. we offer more than minimum wage…

Hello Band of Builders, came back (to eve echoes) after a looonng hiatus from eve online and now am looking to fully return to eve. Are you still reccruiting?

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