Baron of industry looking for new serfdom

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Greetings and salutations,

My Amarian overload and provider of all things bountiful has tasked me to find his fleet of providers’ a new home.

He and his small household of serfs and Barons wish to partake in the bounty of ore that is nullsec.

He has a small wish list of items that must be thusly followed.
He likes to talk amongst friends
Dislikes a thing called NPC space.
Will when asked and perhaps not even asked provide a warm and comforting umbrella of safety in the home serfdom.

However he is a reasonable man and justly fair when other duties remove him from his kingdom amongst the stars for a short time per week of say 12 days a month.

He thanks you for your time fellow kings and lords.
His loyal serf.


Recap: Small group of friends looking for a new null home ( 3 player mining crew)

Plays around 22:00 eve time for up to to 8 hours when not working.

Wants coms but hates mumble

Does not want npc space.

Will do home defense but not CTAs just wants to mind build defend


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hope to see you!

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