Based department is recruting!

[EOG] Based Department are recruiting PVP minded pilots!
Who are we?
A relaxed group of ex Eve Online players and newbies, mainly from the UK and USA, who don’t take things too seriously and want to enjoy the content with like minded people. We are part of the mighty NOMAD Alliance and based in VENAL, null sec.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Entry to a well-established Corp & Alliance!
  2. Regular PvP fleet roams and Ops of all types, suitable for all levels of experience!
  3. Experienced Eve Online fleet commanders!
  4. Access to amazing Alliance ship replacement programs and highly discounted modules and ships through our Indy Corps - up to 40% off Jita prices!
  5. Generous ore and mineral buy back program!
  6. Access to a large, very well defended area of null sec space with rich and easy to reach PVE content.
    Only 8% tax!

We only accept applications through our discord recruitment channel as discord is a requirement, so head on over now!

Feel free to ask me or legopants any questions on discord or message us in game!
In game recruitment contacts use legopants or SpecialMoose

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