Basilisk+Oneiros pilot w/ 47.5m SP looking for EUTZ, nullsec, PVP-active corp

I played EVE between 2007-2017, spending much of that time in nullsec and thus gaining experience of sov life (mainly as ceptor/EWar pilot). I then left the game but the recent change of nullsec local system has reignited my interest in finding out whether 0.0 is now fun and PVP content-rich again.

So I’m looking for a corp that’s active with daily/semi-daily PVP fleets and is interested in having another logi pilot flying Basilisk and Oneiros. I don’t have too much experience with logistics, but have come to realise it is my favourite fleet role, so will be dedicating my time to mastering it.
I only like flying these two, so corps that use Scimitar and Guardian in their doctrine instead, please ignore me.

I’m 100 percent self-sustained in terms of ISK, can dedicate daily/semi-daily hours to gameplay, am very much a teamplayer, and have a few side-skills (video/image editing, journalistic write-ups) I could use to contribute to corp/alliance media/propaganda/promotional projects.

A serious corp/alliance with a vision of its cause and place in the universe - rather than “just for fun and shooting pixels so whatever” attitude - would be seen as a major bonus in my search.

PVP every day! Get paid for it!
Access to the best indy structures New Eden has to offer.
Make ISK, get rich, get kills, FIGHT GOONS, have FUN!
Talk to us on our Running with Wolves [.PACK] discord:

The alliance of Forsaken Empire is looking to bolster our ranks with our main corp being The Envoys.

The Envoys are a PvP focused corp located in null-sec

We mostly do small Gang fleets but we would love to grow into medium size Fleets. Our little family has formed of Veterans and newer players alike and we can teach you everything you Can or Want to know in and around New Eden. We are mainly USTZ but have a few friends from EUTZ or AUTZ. Right now we are holding a great pocket with lots of potential for isk making, lots of moons and a good amount of systems to rat.

What we do :

  • Currently, we are holding down a small pocket in Vale and looking to possibly make it our permanent home
  • We do lots of kitchen sink roaming and at times full small fleet roams mainly including lokis, nightmares and such
  • Constantly improve and become better at the game and be able to fight larger groups by out-piloting them
  • We teach those that are newer to the game and will help you fly, make isk, and become comfortable with the game

What we’re looking for:

  • Being active right now is the most important thing
  • We need people that can be semi dependant as well and help us with defending structures and entosis timers
  • Preferably have around 40+ million SP to fly what’s needed
  • Renters for our systems if you would like. If you decide to rent we have moons and great ratting available.
  • Another very important thing is that we want people to join who actually enjoy the game. Having fun is the only way you’re going to want to improve and play more, and we would love to make that happen!

We are very open to new players and teaching the right dedicated person as long as you are willing to commit. We are just expecting to grow and be able to push forward into other systems and take control of our constellation! If interested reply on here or PM my discord it’s Jeevz#0335

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