Basment Labs Incorporated Looking For Alliance

Basement Labs Inc. is a small group of players seeking to create and run structures within the Eve online space.

Our member list contains 1 hauler, 1 mission runner/security, 5 miners, and 1 orca pilot/logi. Currently, we are unable to produce much in the way of larger projects but we are adamant about one-day building stations and capitols.

What we are looking for is an alliance that can capitalize on our mining focus as well as provide access to or help create a secured space.

We hope to find a community of people, not pvpers or pvers but players who interact with each other and the game in a respectable and adult fashion.

BLI does not believe in the idea of renting or paying others a monthly fee for our time but we are willing to discuss regular contributions to the alliance. What we can offer is a group of players who are willing to defend and protect the alliance and its resources, while also being able to provide labor for alliance projects. Our times of operation vary widely.

Feel free to send any questions or regards to me in game. I will ensure they are heard and reviewed by our CEO.

Basement Labs Inc. is currently seeking an alliance with power or the ability to project it within the Imurukka system. If you are a part of an alliance and willing to talk please send me an Eve-Mail with your information and core tenants of your Alliance. As always, fly free and safe.

This response is to notify the public that we are at this time still searching for viable a viable Alliance to join and are open to discussing location.

We have discussed location movement and at this point, we are settled on our system but still willing to join an alliance.

Would you entertain the thought of null sec?

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