Looking for nullsec alliance/rental

Is your alliance looking for better infrastructure to support their nullsec ops? Need a decent stocked market, factory, or refinery closer to your home system?

I’m looking for an alliance interested in taking on my corp. I want to set up and operate a Sotiyo (at my expense) to provide any/all structure services, including market, factory, laboratory, clones - I could rig (T1 for small scale, T2 for large scale with slot commitments) to support your indy ops. I am happy to stock the market to support your ops, be they combat, mining, indy, etc. If you prefer EC’s, refineries, all good. ISK isn’t an issue, I wouldn’t be begging you for funds.

I’m getting bored of trying to make a go of it all alone in highsec, so I’m looking for a group to work with in null where I can do what I’m good at (ie. operating structures and market/doctrine support). Time for something new to try!

Msg me here, or mail/convo in-game to Jo Messier - thx!

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sent you an in game mail

cheers Jo o7

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bump - msg me here, or in-game

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bump - msg me in-game via EVEmail or convo

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You should consider looking at Federation Uprising! As a Nullsec PVP alliance based in Immensea that’s part of Legacy Coalition, we’re always looking for more industrialists to help stock our market and keep up our supply of ships.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s our public recruitment Discord: FEDUP Public

You Should look at the skeleton crew in the spire part of panfam think you would be a good fit with them

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