Looking for nullsec alliance/rental

Wish your alliance had better infrastructure to support your nullsec ops? Need someone to reliably stock your market and make sure doctrine fits are always available? Wish you had T2 rigs for reactions, or ice/ore refining?

I’m looking for an alliance interested in taking on my corp. As a career market trader, I’m getting a bit bored doing only that (Jita is a grind) and want to learn how to do things like reactions, large scale indy, even get better at PvP (logi?) - so, I’m looking for an alliance that could use this sort of support to join. I’m looking to set up and operate structures (at my expense) to provide any/all structure services, including ice/ore refining, factory, reactions, laboratory, clones - I could rig (T1 for small scale, T2 for large scale with slot commitments) to support your indy ops. I am happy to stock the market to support your ops, be they combat, mining, indy, doctrine contracts, etc. ISK isn’t an issue, I wouldn’t be begging you for funds.

I’m getting bored of trying to make a go of it all alone in highsec (I’m a one-person corp, if you’re looking for a group of 50 PvP’ers, that’s not me), so I’m looking for a group to work with in null where I can help you with better infrastructure and you can help me learn new skills. Time for something new to try!

Msg me here, or mail/convo in-game to Jo Messier - thanks.

[Krab Shak // Worthless Krabs] looking for members and corps to join us We need indy members as much a PVP’ers in our alliance indy makes the alliance!

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