Solo indy corp looking for a spot in nullsec, ideally with good infrastructure in place for research and manufacturing.

Renter alliances are an option, but I don’t need an entire system given that my activities are structure based. Happy to pay tax to the structure owners or discuss options for setting up personal structures. If there are rental alliances about looking for more members, willing to share a system with a group who want to mine/rat.

Ideally looking for:

  • an area with structures that are available to blues with reasonable taxes
  • standings for movement within the wider group
  • options to deploy structures
  • if structures are deployed or used, an agreement that they will be defended against hostiles

This is an alt who is not a member of the corp in question, and since eve-mon is down I’m not seeing mail notifications. But if you can help, drop me a mail and I’ll get back to you asap.


If you’re interested in Indy our Alliance can give you access to our facilities at 0% tax. We are looking for people who would like to start Indy.

We also offer T1, T2, production facilities, Invention labs, Research labs, etc… POCO’s at set to 3.5%.

If you interested drop by our discord and lets chat.


Xeno Dragoon

Feel free to reach out to me might have an option for you.

Thanks for the replies. I’ve managed to sort something so closing this topic. If things don’t work as planned I’ll get in touch with both of you to follow up.

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