Experienced and old INDY\PVP Alliance looking for a home

I am of course an alt speaking on behalf of my alliance.
Using an alt is important as due to the fact we are super producers and leaving the coalition we are in is going to be difficult as there is extensive sovereignty involved.

We are a INDY\PVP alliance looking for a home.

We have about 250 members
About 50 active daily on 2 of 3 TZ’s (No Aussies atm).
We are capable of producing anywhere from 2-4 supers every 21 days depending on resources available to us.
And of course the safety of the area. We can also build everything that there is a BPC or BPO for and own every single BPO in the game including citadels and supers.

We also are experienced PVP’ers and 75% of membership can fly any ship required by a coalition doctrine.
We also have supers of our own and titans as well as dreads, carriers and JF.
Our avg member has over 100 mil SP.

We would like to have our own space under a coalition banner or similar “Overlords”.

We would also not object to being renters for a time to establish our worth to a coalition.

Maybe look into some stuff in the north. 250 members is sort of small though, sort of like a large corporation, but there are a lot of similar sized entities in pure blind.

I would give MWM a try; given your size you could utilize the space as a stepping stone.


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