Battleship rats in Low Sec dissappeared?

I don’t know if this falls under this thread, but it seems to me there might be something wrong with belt rats. I have been ratting long time in low sec, and Battleships spawns weren’t rare at all, but since the latest patches i haven’t seen a single Battleship rat, and even haven’t seen a single Battleship wreck (Large Wreck), which means that not anyone esle has also killed a BS rat. There are just hordes or frigates, and spawns of up to four Battlecruisers, but no Battleships at all. Now, i know this could be just bad luck. But is so strange and out of ordinary, that i have to ask. I haven’t read for any change of this type in the resent patches, but still to me it looks very very odd. I hope CCP hasn’t changed this.

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