Be More Wolf! [EUTZ]

Be More Wolf!

White Fang Militia, the home of the craziest pilots in New Eden, want you!
We live in nullsec, out in Immensea as part of the Vindictive alliance & welcome pilots of all backgrounds, whether it be mainline DPS, EWAR, logi, scanner, miner, industrialist, or newbies wanting to find out where their interests lie.
We offer classes & tutoring in PvP & PvE, ISK making opportunities & the best community around &, as part of one of the major power blocs, space to grow & have fun. And butter, never forget the butter.
All we ask in return is that you are active in our community, have a microphone & take part in at least one PvP or PvE fleet per month (perfect for the casual player & virtually impossible to not do if you log in). We also value maturity, patience, humour and teamwork. Skill points come with time, but a good attitude is priceless.
Alpha clone players of every race are very welcome, minimum of 0SP (THAT’S RIGHT, NO MINIMUM SKILL POINTS!).
If the above sounds like your kind of internet spaceship game, talk to us at

See you in the black!


ps: any corps looking for a nullsec home, check out our awesome alliance VINDICTIVE is Recruiting Corps/Individuals

o7 bump for good people and friends of SOHCO!

Thanks Simone!

@Clyde_en_Marland Hi buddy! Discord link doesn’t work anymore…May I ask you how many active players do you have in your cotp and what is your main time zone?
Thanks a lot! dude, someone twonked the other link. We’re EUTZ, & there’s 12 of us right now. By design we’re a small corp: the leadership would rather have a few good people forming a real community than a load of folk that never say a word to each other.
That being said, we have no problems about there being loads of people providing everyone engages :slight_smile:


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This is a good group…check them out.

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Feel the buttery, buttery love folks :slight_smile:

Bump & Howls!


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Join us! We don’t have cake but we do have other things.

Other things not guaranteed, terms and conditions apply


#FakeNews. We have cake. Genocide by Chocolate Cake.

Cake still available, brownies just went in the over to bake! Come & get your canine snacks, folks!

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I can’t speak for their baking skills, but the Wolves are good dudes to fly with!

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Thanks Simone! (cake coming your way :slight_smile: )

Loads happening for us atm folks, come & get in on the action!

insert witty comment here, it’s too early to think


Hiring more psychos!


All the action you could possible want contained within this den!