Be More Wolf! [EUTZ]

After a brief hiatus, recruitment is open again. Come & get some!


Great corp in a great alliance - check them out if you’re looking for Sov Null!!

Still recruiting folks!

Bump! If you fancy the community but don’t want nullsec / PvP, try our highsec presence LYCAN COMBINE!

Merry Christmas to you all!


I’ve been a tad busy, but we’re still recruiting

So, we’ve moved homes & recruitment rules have changed. NO SCREENING! Just come & have a chat with us to make sure you can keep up! :wink:

This corp just joined us at Vindictive, a great Alliance and part of the epic legacy collation.

Stop by there recruitment channel come join us!

We want YOU! To be part of the epic alliance that is Vindi
Vindi you may ask, who? Check link

Great for making isk given the freedom our alliance offers with great PvP content as Vindi are the upcoming PvP alliance to look out for

Come say hi
Come fly with us
Come kill with us
Come have fun!!

Loki Aleris

Thanks Loki! VINDI is a great place to be, & we hope to corrupt y’all as soon as humanly possible/

Open for business & ready to satisfy your PvP needs!

Still open & providing neccessary activity / social interaction in these times of self-isolation, so come & join the party!

Bumpage! Now with added COVID lockdown shenanigans!

Still going & still crazy folks!

Hola, empece en EVE hace unos días y me veo un poco abrumado con tatas cosas, me gustaría meterme en una corp para aprender un poco sobre el juego, no tengo apenas experiencia. No se si aun siguen reclutando :haciendo muecas:

Still recruiting, & still the best community in New Eden!

Tired & hot day bump!

Drunk bump. Come and join the party!

F3R4L are on a fresh recruitment drive. We have our own system and structures for our members to use and we’re now part of one of the biggest alliances in EVE! Apply to join us at