Be part of the Special Forces!

Welcome to our Recruitment-Room!

We are a small but very active and growing corp, focused on Small & Mid Scale PVP with specialisation in Covert Operations & Guerilla Warfare.

We are looking for:

  • everyone looking for a stress-free but highly professional and active corp.
  • Pilots who like to PVP, other activities like PVE/Mining/Exploration, etc. are very possible but optional
  • Pilots interested in Community and Development.
  • Pilots who like to think out-of-the-box and be an important part of our team instead of a F1-Drone with a tagged-on number.
  • one Omega-Main. Alts are NOT mandatory.
  • we even could take in smaller Groups.

We offer:

  • Small & Medium Scale PvP in HS, LS, NS and WH.
  • 4 experienced FCs - everyone lead hundreds of Operations, from Large Fleet-Ops to Special Operations.
  • an internal Covert-Operations-Team with a dedicated training program.
  • Allies for regular joint forces.
  • a reimbursement program.
  • NBSI.
  • a dedicated system for producing Booster Drugs, running a sophisticated system for extracting the gas from all 0.0 Gas-Regions as well as own production facilities in our WH (not just for booster production).
  • lucrative planets for PI.
  • Moons for Moonmining.
  • Minimal Rules.
  • no forced online time or kill amount, RL always comes first!
  • TS³ und Discord.

Interested? Contact Elancy or Hermundure in-game, visit our open channel “Joint OPS Pub” or send me a forum-mail!

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