Become a Sith Lord today!

(Emperor Necrology) #1

Tired of flying alone? Want to jump on and fly with a squad or wing on military patrols? Are you a veteran of the armed forces and want to have a similar structure in Eve as a starfighter ace? If you answered yes to these questions apply top the Sith Navy today.
Our alliance is forming a military wing and we are looking for skilled leaders to lead our recruits, and for new bros looking for military training.
Join the Darkside and learn why the rule of two can no longer be our way.

(Emperor Necrology) #2

You can send me an in game mail or apply dirrectly

(Raze He11) #3

Can I get a multi-colored lightsabre? I have 8.5mill sp, in case you’re wondering.

(Emperor Necrology) #4

We will put your multi colored lightsaber to work dispatching the enemies of the the Alliance

(Sanguinius Olacar) #5

I was called Darth Bastard many years ago by a best mate, as apparently I would have made a terrible Jedi but an elite Sith Lord so ye…

(ISD Norros) #6

Move to Corporation and Alliance Recruitment center as this isn’t a mercenary service thread.