Been in retirement for a long time... 112m skill point character looking for a good nullsec home to PvP

As the title says Rov’s been in retirement for a long time now :slight_smile:

Played the nullsec game from 2005 to 2008 and enjoyed it a lot - since then been back a few times in between other games but mostly been bumming around high sec space for a few months at a time with lengthy gaps in between. (Did a stint in RvB which was fun - also spent some time up north in a renter corp in null but got old fast)

This time looking to get back into the proper null sec game - seems none of my contacts from the old days are still playing so looking to make some new ones…

What I’m looking for is a stable nullsec mature group holding and defending space - one where there is active leadership and regular opportunities for roaming gangs etc.

Clearly my knowledge of the null game, which used to be good, is now quite a few years out of date (like a decade omg lol). So looking for somewhere where I can get up to date and have some fun blowing stuff up.

I can’t play the kind of hours I used to back in the day - RL has to come first and I can’t afford to be on till all hours during the week, whatever may or may not be going on. I’m usually available between about 21:00 and 23:00 UK time during the week and quite a bit more at weekends of course. I’m often on earlier but can’t give the game my undivided attention - I have a high sec alt on a separate account for those times and she’ll be able to keep Rov in ships :wink:

Not interested in W/H space, Faction war or piracy corps.

Rov has 112m skill points, focused mostly on sub caps - although he can fly a Thanatos fairly well.

If you think you might have something that would suit please give me a shout :smiley: Copy paste spam from people who clearly haven’t read this will largely be ignored :stuck_out_tongue:

Null is in complete chaos, no chat, things are looking dire, Null sec Corps are falling apart.


Found somewhere ty for the convos :smiley:

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