Being A Good Ore Daddy

I have been mining in an Orca for while in a Hi-Sec system, and have picked up a few locals in my regular fleets. I’ve now had to refit my Orca with 3 tractor beams to help keep up with all the jet cans, and I have recently shifted to buying the ore off my team of miners on the spot.

During the trial of the method, I just bought everything at estimated price - sort of like a new method promotion while I iron out the kinks.

Given that I am providing a service that:
-Increases mining throughput by 40%
-Keeps miner in belt
-saves effort on hauling
-instant buy off with no sales tax
-Security benefits (won’t mention publicly)

Is this a method that is regularly done? If so, what are the common purchase rates? If not, what sounds reasonable?

Evepraisal - 10%

Never use the in-game estimate. Highlight the ore, CTRL C, paste into evepraisal and use that. The in game estimate is based on special maths that work on some magical theory unknown to science.

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TLDR: Have to work off estimated value for simplicity, but still guarantee a profit.

I should have specified - there are newbros and people in my fleet using translators, and it would be very difficult to explain how this all works to them - more trouble than it’s worth.

People typically tip 10% in a BYOC, which doesn’t include benefits like tractor beaming up all your stuff, and dodging a sales tax. By comparison, 10% on this method would have me doing a lot more work for a lesser profit (as I’m given the ‘tip’ in estimated ore price and will have to pay sales tax).

I’m trying to pick a reasonable value that can work off the estimated ore prices ONLY. 10% tip value, 5% sales tax, 5% hauler tax, and that puts me at 80% of estimated value for the ore. Given I won’t necessarily sell it for that price, maybe 75%? But by that stage will new bros think they’re losing out too much and choose not to join the crew? Should I charge different rates for ventures vs barges?

EvePraisal uses the ore price, not its value, but you knew that :wink:

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Don’t pay out based on the est price. It’s sometimes out by a big amount.
Now I always use another method to pay.

Most corporations run a buyback program for loot and ore. Current Jita buy order pricing less 10% used to be common. Contract the loot/ore to corp with an Evepraisal link in the description. It would be helpful in situations like yours if CCP provided a fleet mining ledger.

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