Selling my ores

Hello, i have started eve 2 month ago. Iam miner, so i have faced some guys offering buying my ores for 80% jita price then found people buying 90% jita price. yesterday i sold my ores for 97% which was awesome but this wont happen everyday…
the question is what is the best price to sell my ores to people?? as i dont like to use market for the tax applied there.
is there a chat were people sell their ores and gas on it?

thanks for your time

What is the tax you would pay if you sold to buy orders? You can train skills to reduce (but not eliminate) tax

Often the “split” is considered a good estimate for a fair price. So compare what the current lowest sell-orders are vs. the highest buy-orders. Use the values from the closest market hub.

Then a fair price is somewhere in the middle. Take into consideration who needs to do the hauling. If the buyer has to make 15 jumps back and forth in a freighter he might not be willing to pay as much as he would if you can deliver him the ore directly to the station where he needs it.

8% which is bad


Train up broker relations to 5. If your standings arent tanked in where you are trying to sell, (npc station) your broker fees will be at 1.5% if you have no standings with the NPC corp/faction that runs the station

The problem isn’t taxes but transportation. It’s risky and takes time.
So if you want to avoid hauling all the stuff, you pay other people. So it’s all about negotiation, and you always have to calculate for yourself how much time you want to invest.
Sometimes it’s better to sell to a low price if you need cash, are short on storage space, or receive helping boosts.

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