Being able to see the arena boundaries in Abyssal Deadspace more clearly would be really nice

I’ve been attempting to pro gamer my way through some difficult frigate Abyssals today and it’s going pretty badly. To really pro gamer it I feel as if I need to use a MWD, yet at frigate speeds this can chuck you so far out of the barrier within seconds that you can’t even see it when you want to try and get back in. So I am trying to select a route to return to the arena while spinning the camera around looking at everything and I am not even sure which way I should be going sometimes, much less being able to see the barrier clearly before I am outside of it in the first place.

If the presence of the barrier was clear before you’re right next to it I think both of these issues would be solved and it would make my personal decision-making in the gameplay a lot more relevant because I can’t react to something I can’t see.

A pro gamer would not ask for more assistance to navigate a challenging environment. :joy: The boundary jumps into your face as big red flashing surface. If you miss that and if you can’t be bothered to learn some standard distances in these environments, you aren’t a pro gamer.


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