Abyssal: Move the death zone further out

While running some abyssal sites with my corp friends I noticed that some of the extraction caches are really close to the border, would be nice to move the death zone a bit further out so you don’t see it when picking up the cans

You can turn the camera towards the center of the pocket and zoom in if you don’t want to see the boundary zone.

Otherwise, what’s the point of this change?


Yea close your eyes.

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The answer for “this doesn’t look immersive” should not be “well then don’t look at it”
I think it would be an easy thing to do and doesn’t break anything if that border is lets say 20km further out.

What’s not immersive about your ship systems rendering the death wall for you as a visual aid for navigation?

The fact that I don’t ever plan to go there, I just want to pick up the wreck of the extraction node

It’s not supposed to be immersive, it’s supposed to kill your ship if you go too far out.

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I would like it more visible if anything especially when zoomed out.

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It’s still immersive to have a visible warning when you get within range of it. And it’s meant to be a limit. Not a casual thing you have to try hard to get to.

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Personally, I am skeptical of the need to make the abyssal boundary any bigger or moved. It was designed to be size it is for a reason. Perhaps the request should be a way to just turn off the visual itself.

Yea would be cool if the render distance was increased it only appears when your like 5km’s from it and its always a O ■■■■ Turn now or die moment, but placement wise its perfect it keeps kiting difficult but possible, especially in 5km/s frigs xD.


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