Abyssal boundary box is seriously bugged

I’ve had this happen a few times on TQ and a bunch on SISI. Inside a Filament, you don’t see the “boundary box” until you’re already through it.

If you’re lucky you adjust your camera and can see if before you reach it.

For the sort of punishment that happens for passing the boundary, this needs to have some sort of GFX option to make it more obvious the edge.

I’m 99% sure that the only reason it’s invisible until you get close is because CCP want to show off the amazing skyboxes they built. But I’ve done hundreds of filaments, I’m not looking at the skyboxes beyond staring at them and waiting for the inevitable red haze to appear, hoping it doesn’t appear AFTER I’ve passed through it.

please give me a graphics option to make this far more noticable.


Someone is going to say “it’s intended”, but right it’s too bad as ‘advanced’ as our ships are supposed to be we don’t have chromo graphic hud display that can actually see what normal human vision does not.


I understand the boundary and its purpose…

But if it isn’t visible until its too late to turn around… that seems less of a skill issue and more of a broken mechanics issue

Objects can spawn within a few KM of the boundary wall too - so sometimes you’ll approach something, overshoot it slightly, and be out of bounds blocked behind an object. I’ve had this happen with automa suppressora.


Surprised this isn’t a more talked about subject. Had this happen again - hit a speed cloud and went out of bounds, and boundary box slowly start to “draw” when I’m already 5-10km past it. No indicator of it being there previous.

You can also zoom out and see the boundary box, then angle your camera and it disappears.

This is just a garbage visual effect that is detrimental to gameplay.


Try zooming out. You can see the barrier from the outside easily as you approach it.

Hm, I have run hundreds, maybe more than a thousand Abyssals on TQ and never had issues with the boundary visibility. It always appeared like 10km before I hit it. There are some rare occasions where you run into an tachyon cloud with MWD/AB and get accelerated to 8000m/s or more and then die because you run 30km into the void and cannot turn around in time, but thats a clear piloting error.

Maybe its something with the graphics settings? Or you get out of sync? I sometimes cannot lock enemy ships even while they are clearly in locking range, so the message says “you need to be within 51km to lock blabla…” and in the overview the ship is only 40km away. I usually close EVE and reconnect then and the error is gone for a while.

It’s entirely possible it’s a graphics setting or an idiosyncrasy of my hardware.

but I still feel like having it be drawn at all times would be a good graphics option for people, or to see the distance it’s visible from manually.

As it stands it’s purely an aesthetic thing to not have it showing at all. But I’ve seen the trig skyboxes hundreds of times already. I don’t even notice them anymore - I’d rather have a visible “bubble” effect like interdiction zones.


Just simply don’t fly at the border/away from stuff in a straight line. With this, by the time you see border (which in my opinion appear to late) you have nice angle to either slide alongside it and maintain kiting or simply change direction without 90 degree turn and losing majority of your speed.

From graphic settings. Major difference is between potato mode and any other shade settings. In potato mode it is quite hard to spot

Is there any reason why there shouldn’t be a “Always show boundary box” option?

Brick gila’s and iki’s are currently dominating the Abyss - having speed be an option is a good way to bring more ships into viablity. As it stands, it’s far too risky due to the RNG nature of abyss generation.

It worked for years, everyone and their dog gonna whine about buffing the abyss, it was designed like that so it’s probably intended, gate isn’t in fixed position in relation to sphere. So finding borders can be surprise or even tactical advantage etc.

It is pretty bad UX for some people. But that isn’t good enough argument to redesign pretty big part of this content

So because it’s been clearly broken for years, it should stay that way?

This is how Eve content always stagnates: Obvious “best” tactics and it becomes solved.

We don’t know if it is an intentional design-decision to have the boundary sphere invisible, to make it more difficult for players to maneuver at high speeds in there, making the abyss even more deadly. Lore-wise it could be easily explained: the initially created bubble by the ships warp-drive gets instable at its borders exponentially, so there is no way for your ships scanners to even detect the border unless you are a few km away from it.

Dangerous word…

I think it’s safe to say over 50% of people running the Abyss are using a Gila in T3 and above.

Thats probably because the Gila is quite powerful and able to run most Abyssal sides PLUS it can get a huge buffer, so it is hard to gank. Also the drones are so powerful, that you can run up to T4 basically afk, just enter the site, send out the drones and slowboat to the next gate. The NPCs can neither break your tank nor kill your drones in these sites. It has little to do with the visibility of the Boundary but with the strength of the ship in this environment.

The existence of the boundary box hurts any sort of “range” setup. “Brick” fits are dominating abyss, especially the upper tiers. Moving fast isn’t an option because of how punished you are by the boundary box and the speed clouds.

it honestly makes no sense - why aren’t there clouds that have a chance to just overload your active repair module in 1 cycle? That’s the equivalent of a fast ship hitting a speed cloud.

1 mistake and your ship is dead.

Please try to passive tank a gila in anything above T4 and then please send me the killmail.

At this point I’m certain that you are just grumpy and complain for sake of complaining. Abyss is and always was brawling scenario. Boundary has nothing to do with this. Also, kiting always was and is valid strategy in abyss.

I would, but it simply doesn’t die.

No - but unlike many forms of PVE where you can straight-line away and warp-back, Abyss limits the area. That’s absolutely fine.

But there’s extremely weak indicators as to what that area is - and the out of bounds distance is random relative to the objective each time.