Being able to sort the overview by two or more category's at a time

(DRrex Andedare) #1

Living in null is hard having to do forsaken rally points in a vexor navy issue. Go too null they say, it’s where the isk is they say. Ya bull ####. Look ccp i love the game but just do us a favor and improve the QOL of everyone and Make a setting where u can sort the overview by 2 or more category’s at the same time. Like type and distance.

(Count Szadek) #2

This is an idea I would support. +1

(Krysenth) #3

Git Gud and fly a carrier? TBF, if you’re attempting to run FRPs in a VNI, you’re micromanaging too hard. VNI can run Havens easily, and probably sanctums too. While AFK.

(Linus Gorp) #4

This would be something for

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