BERAI - want to try an unsual way to enjoy New Eden?

BERAI or Belt Raider Inc. is looking to recruit a few additional pilots

We enjoy New Eden in a rather unusual way.

Belt Raider Inc. is an agressive citadel focused corp.
Sieging citadels from all backrounds, shapes and sizes.

  • Low Drama
  • No Red Pen CTA
  • No swearing or yelling
  • No Politics

Relaxed, planable content, reliable little changing doctrines.

You get payed by us for your participation and time.

Logi is love, logi is life.

Doing planned citadel fleets is all we do. What you do outside of citadel fleets is up to you.

Our Website:

Contact ingame:
Pete Zachanassian

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This actually sounds fun!

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Still looking for people who want to try out a new way to enjoy New Eden!

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