๐Ÿš€ Beshketnyky Corporation - Calling all Brave Pilots!

Attention, capsuleers of New Eden!

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey filled with epic battles, lucrative opportunities, and camaraderie? Look no further, for Beshketnyky Corporation (part of UA Fleets) is seeking courageous pilots like you to join our ranks in the vast universe of EVE Online!

Who are we?
We are a dynamic and ambitious corporation based in the NullSec region, fueled by a passion for PVP combat and a drive for excellence. Beshketnyky Corporation stands at the forefront of the universe, ready to conquer new horizons and carve our name into the stars.

Why choose Beshketnyky?

:rocket: Explosive PVP Content: Brace yourself for adrenaline-pumping raids, tactical camps, fleet skirmishes, and intense hunts. As a member of Beshketnyky, youโ€™ll immerse yourself in the heart of combat, honing your skills and unleashing destruction upon our enemies.

:pick: Unlimited PVE Opportunities: Whether you prefer the tranquility of mining, the thrill of ratting, the excitement of scanning, or the delicate art of gas harvesting, we offer a wide array of PVE activities. You can delve into these ventures both solo and alongside our experienced fleet, ensuring endless possibilities for growth and profit.

:earth_africa: Community Spirit: Joining Beshketnyky means becoming a valued member of the Ukrainian alliance, UA Fleets. Our close-knit collective fosters a vibrant social environment where you can engage in lively conversations, participate in exhilarating events, receive assistance from seasoned pilots, access our own logistics support, and trade hub bustling with activity.

:moneybag: Financial Freedom: Say goodbye to burdensome rent! Beshketnyky offers a rent-free environment, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: conquering the vast expanse of space and reaping the rewards it holds.

What are we looking for?

:sparkles: Skill and Experience: A minimum of 5 million skill points is highly preferred, enabling you to have at least one profession mastered for comfortable NullSec living. We value pilots who strive for continuous improvement and are always eager to push the boundaries of their abilities.

:crossed_swords: Hunger for PVP: If the call of combat ignites a fire within you, then you are the pilot we seek. Willingness to engage in thrilling PVP encounters and contribute to our collective strength is a trait we highly value.

Join Beshketnyky Corporation today and become part of an elite group of pilots destined to leave their mark on the galaxy. Your journey to fame and fortune begins here!

To apply or learn more, visit our recruitment channel (Beshketnyky Recruitment) in-game or contact Otto Mendelssohn directly.

Fly fearlessly, pilot!

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Beshketnyky is actively helping a new pilots
Recruitment is open

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