Best Corp In Null Sec - Mini3

Look no further you’ve found the best Null sec corp in Eve. You’ve tried the rest now come try the best.

No matter where your play style takes you, Eve is truly about the people with which you interact and spend time with. If you enjoy the people you are playing this game with, then even the most boring and monotonous tasks in Eve can be done with a smile and laughter.

If you are interested in being part of a corporation as it grows and in participating in small gang to coalition sized warfare, we offer an abundance of PVP opportunities. When it is time to replace those ships you sacrificed, do it in style with friends.

What we Offer

  • Family First Attitude
  • Drama Free Enviroment
  • Ship Replacement Program
    Alliance SRP
    Corp SRP on top of Alliance SRP
  • Regular PVP (Small Roams to Cap Ops)
  • USA / AUS Timezone (other times zones accepted{alliance is huge})
  • Mining Operations (Boosted)
  • Industry/Manufacturing (Large Scale)
  • Billions in Ore Buy back !!!
  • Newbro Mentorship in a variety of fields.
  • Paps For Caps Program

What we’re looking for

  • At least 6 Mill SP
  • PVP Pilots
  • Able to get on coms (TS3 & Mumble)
  • Miners and industry Pilots
  • A willingness to at least learn basic PVP
  • Atleast 6 Fleets Paps a month

If this is something you are interested in, then drop into in game channel “Minion Public” and have a chat with us, or send me a Mail.

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