Best rate for decompressing gas in high sec?

What it says above

100% - don’t compress hi-sec gas.


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always some smart ass mine gas in null sell in high sec

Why bother asking then. I’m telling you…it’s not worth compressing. Sure it’s a pain to haul, but RESEARCH the gas market. Compressed gas sells for MUCH less than uncompressed. The losses simply aren’t worth it.


the ? was best rate or % if you dont know why post here not if i should just wanted to know

You seem agitated. This may not be the market for you. Also, I’m glad you found a resource with someone willing to tell you what you wanted to hear.

Decompressing gas isn’t a high, low, WH, null thing, it is based on your skills to decompress it. It isn’t like reprocessing ice/ore/moons. Get your skills as high as you can wait, and it will be the same no matter were you decompress.

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