Wait, Are we going for or against Gas Compression?

Wormholer here,

I’ve been wondering why compressing gas, the only actually compressible thing in the universe, is not a compressible thing inside EVE. I’ve been looking forward to seeing how gas compression mechanics using orcas and Porpoise would be but as of recently, I’ve heard many don’t like this? I get that a lot of people have had issues with this newest dev post including things such as waste mechanics but why hate on the compressing gas mechanic?

Please make sure compressing gas becomes a thing!

I was under the impression that all the gas ingame already was considered compressed and that huffing gas into cargo containers already compressed gas to their limit.

Transporting uncompressed gas is really inefficient. Huff once ‘Oh this is no longer a vacuum - we’re full!’ and you need a new ship.

Whether compressing gas even further is good or bad for the game is to be seen. There are pros and cons. Pro: easier transport. Con: easier transport.

Making transportation of goods is useful for some people, but in a game where transportation is a large part of the gameplay, making transportation too easy may result in certain playstyles (local gas production and consumption) to die as it becomes trivial to transport it all to one centralised trade hub in Jita 4-4.

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People are against it because the culture around gas mining is one rewarding to small scale and individual mining. Extremity friendly to new players.

Eve has a simulated economy changes like compression and barges being useful for gas mining will harshly penalize solo frigate mining.

This is what has people who enjoy the current state of gas mining so worked up.



For a solo frigate miner gas pays well because it isn’t dominated by groups of barges, Orcas and Rorquals to set the price. The hassle of moving the gas from low sec or wormholes to markets causes that it isn’t easily bought and sold in bulk in Jita.

Now that barges will be allowed to mine gas and now that gas compression will be added, these things will change.


I really doubt these changes will cause fleets of barges to be viable for gas extraction. With t2 harvesters the gas sites are only approximately 32% larger due to waste. Barges are also slow and you have travel time between sites to consider. At worst gas prices will go down slightly as barges suck it up a bit faster. You’re not going to see 10 man barge fleets hitting mykoserocin.

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Honestly I don’t think it will go down much at all. Maybe the c5/c6 gas as they will probably be harvested this way more than any other. But even then I don’t see it being by much.

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For my wormhole Gas I do expect any decent sized fleet of barges and exhumers to be nice and vulnerable unless they take the time to roll off all their connections at which point the sites pretty locked down, prospect or barge that whole cloud is going to get huffed.

But if it only takes you 5 min to mine it rather than 15 or 20 you’re going to be willing to sell it for less dropping the price floor.

I still don’t think the gameplay style will change much though.

On one hand you have the classic OG Prospect Gas Huffer, goes in , huffs 10K and leaves
For day trippers that means back to highsec or a trade hub to sell their stuff and make another run
For WHers that means 2-3(max) jumps back to their station, drop it off and keep huffing

I do dislike they took the huffing ability away from the venture because that was super easy money for newbros but back to this whole new mechanic of barges huffing…

Day trippers will NEVER use these barge fleets, their chains just won’t be secure enough and the trouble to get a rolling fleet out to secure a hole that might be 3 jumps in from highsec just doesn’t work in the logistics department

WHers will use the barge fleets, if We find good gas within one of our static wormholes we would totally send our rolling fleet over to secure the hole so that the vulnerable barge mining fleet can safely huff.

Your run of the mil Wormholer does NOT export their gas, they refine it and export the refined material.

So the only difference in this situation is wormholers who can secure a hole for their mining fleets will use barges, cool. Why would I sell my stuff for cheaper because it took me less time, i still have to through it into the cooker for 8 Days to process it into something 10-40% more valuable which I’m going to do no matter what.

If minings fleet are going to be floating around in wormholes without their holes un-secured, PLEASE so that one of our scouts can find ya and send the fleet over to paint the KB green

my whole argument here flows full circle, myself and many others who huff see a cloud, go damn I want that cloud, huff the WHOLE thing, and then bring the gas back for reprocessing. Day trippers see a cloud huff as much as they can until they grow tired and have that much gas. Efficiency isn’t exactly a factor in this equation.

What I would consider a factor that will mess up the process is the fact that each cloud is getting Twice as much gas! in my mind that’s gonna cut the prices in half…

for any non wormholer or day tripper heres what a healthy chain looks like :

If i see gas in my B that imma huff, ill roll off all the connections, put eyes down the chain for the ones i cant and boom im safely huffing the entire cloud while the PVEs among us rat and the hunters among us push the chain out for targets. Day trippers just dont have that luxury and never will. So doubling the amount of gas in a cloud is in my mind the biggest game-changer, not introducing barges, not the compression, I haven’t even mentioned compression because you never have to, the only reason I want it is so when an eviction fleet shows up i can compress my gas and toss it into a Suitcase for safekeeping.

this is irrelevant

No one said you would sell it for cheaper because it took you less time, I said it would lower the price floor. People would be willing to mine and sell to lower market orders than they would if it takes longer. Almost every active activity is calculated in isk/hr

I dont think anyone was or is complaining about adding gas compression; it needs to be transportable to be used in ship production. Many of us are quite against the mechanics that were in the first dev blog. It seems that CCP got the message and are reworking it before releasing it with a ~1-2 month delay.

Compressibility of gas compared to ore is pretty far down the list of physics laws ignored in EVE.

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