Gas Compression

with gas being a more important part of industry now, could we please finally get compression and/or dedicated harvesting equipment for barges to bring it in line with mining. 1/10 compression would be enough.

I think the gas is already compressed when you huff it in your dedicated gas huffing mining figate and fit it in the ore hold.

Uncompressed gas would be incredibly inefficient use of that ore hold space.

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sadly it is inefficient. gas comes in m3 like ores and ice. a venture can transport 5 blocks of ice or 50 blocks of compressed ice while it never be able to put more than 1000 units of C32 (5m3/unit) into the ore hold.
now you need about 1 jump freighter load full of gas to build 1 carrier and half a dst for a gila

Logistical friction is good. Gas doesn’t need compression.

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best argument Ever Given