Gas Compression

with gas being a more important part of industry now, could we please finally get compression and/or dedicated harvesting equipment for barges to bring it in line with mining. 1/10 compression would be enough.


I think the gas is already compressed when you huff it in your dedicated gas huffing mining figate and fit it in the ore hold.

Uncompressed gas would be incredibly inefficient use of that ore hold space.

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sadly it is inefficient. gas comes in m3 like ores and ice. a venture can transport 5 blocks of ice or 50 blocks of compressed ice while it never be able to put more than 1000 units of C32 (5m3/unit) into the ore hold.
now you need about 1 jump freighter load full of gas to build 1 carrier and half a dst for a gila

Logistical friction is good. Gas doesn’t need compression.


best argument Ever Given

a dedicated drone to harvest gas would be cool tho

How do you compress gas? Simple, you turn it into a solid or liquid.

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Such a Pain with Gas, you can’t make reactions in trade canters hisek, so you MUST transport it from 1 part of space to another, low and null. Ice you can compress, Ore you can compress, Moon ore you can reprocess and make it light, Gas you can’t do ■■■■ when you wan to make reaction. Industry need some sort of Gas-compression to transport it, right now Gas high price is actually because of hard transportation with lots of m3.

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Is there an issue with high gas prices?

Makes gas huffing in a venture worth it, I think that’s a good thing.

From 1 point its good, you mine gas with venture, and get high profits, but when you have to get that gas out of null space (for example) or when you have to get IN Gas you can’t get in your null space to build simple ship (astero, BS, any other faction ship) this starts to go in nowhere… and to haul in amounts you need for reactions costs again lots of ISK, and ships becoming crazy expensive.
If EVE make Gas compression live, this would reduce costs, and Venture Gas huffers could also mine and transport out more, and all would be happy.
Right now there is Gas in trade hubs, Im selling Gas myself, and I can say with 100% If they invent gas compression I could sell that gas im selling x5 faster then now, like all other gas miners.

Yeah and that is the way it should be. if you live in null you have access to either a jump freighter service or have a jump freighter yourself which is still an easy way to move material. If you live in low odds are you have an alliance that controls some area and is usually relativly safe for you to move through, if you live in high sec oh well.
We do not need to make things easier for everyone, CCP did that with rorqual mining and look at where we are now.

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The point here is: Every single resource can be compressed/reprocessed in to way lighter version, and then hauled to place you want them, except Gas.
Before and now there was/are boosters, and you could just do them, and make from Gas lighter version, a powder. Now we need RAW gas to make something from reactions for ship industry and that is what I do not like. I do want CCP to add Gas compression.

Trig ores cannot be compressed actually, also id like you to think of how big that gas cloud is in space, and how big it is in your tiny venture. The gas is compressed or else it wouldn’t fit in your tiny ship. You also keep saying lighter rather then smaller, why is that?

this is a sandbox
try to find soluces for your problem that does not imply CCP changing game mechanisms
Contact some hauling corps and cooperate with them?
Do your industry close to hubs where gas is sold?

Don’t know, maybe language issues. :slight_smile:

Gas is, I think, “pre-compressed” when it’s vacuumed into the hold. You can’t haul a lot of it at a time compared to ore or ice, but that’s the sort of imbalance that provides competition and makes gas valuable.

If gas compression becomes a thing, it will drive prices down. The easier something is to acquire, the cheaper it has to be to appeal to buyers who will otherwise go out and get it themselves.

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