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I know that in X3 you can fit a “Best Selling Price Locator” to your ship. It’s function is to give you the best places to go where you can get the best current price on whatever cargo you have. I would think such an item would fit into a Low Slot and would be an invaluable tool to Miners or anyone trying to sell anything.
I have tried to use the current Market Data for who is selling or buying, but it does not work. Was selling my ice and went to a system where it was selling at a good price. No dice. It was 40% down if I wanted to sell. So went to another sector where it was being bought. Still the same. 40% down. I still have my ice and now all I can do is trip around Eve wasting my time and NOT having fun waiting to get my fully loaded Freighter ganked as I try to find a decent market.
I believe a Low Slot feature that I could activate that might give me a list of systems up to 10 jumps away where ice is fetching a good price, would be a pretty good idea. And I would have assumed that given the technology that is the VR world of Eve, that such a thing would have already been in existence for anyone wanting to sell stuff. But “no”. Seems Eve does not have the “Eve Financial Times” handy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Further to this… Would also be a good idea to actually see a Market fluctuate given what is in high or low demand. It would also create more competition between Miners and others who sell things. Ie: Station has no ice so price to buy is high. Miners flood there to make a profit, but too late!!! Someone beat them to it. The station is now well stocked with ice and so prices are pretty average. Now we have to go elsewhere. See what I mean?

You are new to EvE? All information you ever desire about all the public markets in EvE almost in realtime is only a couple of google searches away. But in one thing you are spot on, we market players make our living from people not putting in the “effort” to do a little research.

To make that post actually helpful, here is a start:

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Unless he skill injected himself into a freighter, he cant be that new to EVE.

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Right so he’s most likely completely new then.

OP you don’t need a new tool that does what loads of tools are already available to do. Learn the game with your purchased character / SP before making suggestions please.

Your issue is not the market data, but your understanding of how the sell and buy orders work. Seems you know how to search market price data and where to go so it’s all good.
The good sell price you saw is not a buy price. Nobody is offering to buy stuff at that price. In fact it looks like the best buy price in the area is 40% below the regional average. You didn’t agree to that price and thus didn’t sell your stuff to that buy order. The good price you aimed for is a sell price. You list your stuff up for sale at the price, and wait until someone comes along and agree to that price.
If you want an instant transaction, you take what’s been offered by other players (buy from sell orders, sell to buy orders). Otherwise, you pay a broker to list your own offer to the public and hope somebody finds your offer a good deal.

hey so I see this amazing tool you have. I am new to the markets and I was wondering if there are more tools that are out there like this? Or are there tools that would help teach and benefit me in learning the markets that you could provide.

I think you fundamentally misunderstand the Eve Market.

You are assuming that the Market is NPC driven, there is very very little in the market (Buy & Sell) that is NPC driven. Sleeper Loot is a NPC Buy example, Some T1 BPO’s and skill books are an example of NPC Sell examples.
NPC orders have an ‘‘Expires in’’ time of 365 Days (or close)

Everything else is a player market Order

Price fluctuations are completely driven by players (except for some NPC items like Cattle and Exotic Dancers)

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