How does the market work?
My guess is that you get the money if you sell it for a bunch under the lowest price and if you want a better price for it you have to wait until a person buys it, but I sold a thing for 30% under the lowest price and it still hasn’t sold?
Are my guesses right and my it just wasn’t in demand or does the market work differently?

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Eve is a commodity market. People are buying and selling continuously. You can’t choose who you buy from - your purchase is automatically filled by the lowest price offer. In large trade hubs, other players will also be listing product and will undercut your price if it is profitable to do so (and sometimes even if it isn’t). You can update your price every 5 minutes and some people do!

If you want to sell something quickly you can sell to a buy order - these are usually priced well below fair value. If you chose to place a sell order you will need to manage it - adjusting your price when someone undercuts you or be patient and let the market come to you - this could take a while.

Use a tool like to see buy/sell pricing across the cluster. Large hubs like Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Rens and Hek are busy and competitively priced product should sell quickly. Other markets tend to be thinly traded.

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Thanks, that makes sense

Additionally, only the green lit buy orders will be served.
Example: When you are in a station in Perimeter, and the best buy order is in Jita but set up only within the system, you see that order on top of your list, but can’t sell to that order unless you travel and dock in Jita.
Some players try to lure other people to shady corners of new eden by offering super bargains in Lowsec (or even better Highsec pockets), only to shoot the buyer on his travels to and from the station.

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