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So my buddy put up a market order for 176 compressed dazzling spodumain at 445k for 2 weeks. I bought it and it took the ISK from my wallet and I got the ore, however he didn’t get the ISK and the order is still up. I bought it again and got the ore but he still didn’t get any ISK and the market order is still up, bought it a third time and surprisingly, the ISK was taken from my wallet, but he didn’t get any and the order is still up. Is this an issue on our end or is this something that’s happening with everybody?

Were there other Compressed Dazzling Spodumain sell orders at a price lower than 445,000 ISK per unit?

When you purchase items off the market (from any sell order) you are purchasing it from the lowest priced stock. As an example if your friend listed 176 units on the market a 445,000 ISK per unit, but someone else (Seller B) had listed 200 units at 400,000 ISK. When you go to make your purchase at 445,000 ISK per unit, you will be buying Seller B’s stock, but at 445,000 ISK per unit.

Backing up the above:

  • Buy order creation/change:
    Of the listed sell orders offering the item at the offer price of the buy order or lower, the sell order with the lowest price will be fulfilling the buy order and the seller will receive the price per unit offered by the buy order. Should the buy order want more items than the sell order can deliver, the process will be repeated for the next lowest sell order until the buy order has been completely filled. Only if there is no further sell order that can fill the remaining demand of the buy order at the offered price, the buy order will be listed on the market.

You can select the specific sell order you want to buy from, with multibuy it takes from the lowest available order but if you’re buying manually it’ll buy from the order you select

You can select it and perform your actions based on the values in it, but when it enters the matching system, the result is always the same. The lowest priced order gets your money when you pay for something, and the highest offer is matched when you sell something. Always.

If you manually buy your items, then you can get them all for the lowest price on offer by snapping up the partial quantities for their list price. If you multibuy, it will automatically pay the value of the highest priced item needed to fill your order to all orders, costing you a bit of extra coin for the convenience of a one click purchase.

Nope… well, you can select it, but the lowest will still get your isk, and you will get thier product.

If you look in your wallet, you will see where the money went when you bought the items… It should tell you who you bought it from.

If there are orders with dazzling spodumain with a lower price than his you with automatically be buying items from those orders but for the price of the order you chose.
Say there’s 2 sell orders for an item 1st is for 100 isk 2nd is for 120 isk

If you chose the 120 isk order to buy from you receive items from the owner of the 100 isk order but pay him 120 isk you will not be buying any items from the 120 isk order until the lower order is depleted this way.
If you really wanted your friends spode should’ve used a contract

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