Strange sell orders issue

I decide to make market transaction between my characters using 4-4 marketplace.

I created overpriced by 3000% sell order, with unique price and instantly switched to my another account to accept it, it took me about 10-15 seconds. I make sure to check the order, unique price and time of placing on market and accepted it, but instead transaction to my character ISK goes to some random one.
Ok, I thought that it was my mistake, I checked order again and it was there, so I accept it again and ISK goes to another random character once again.
So I tried to contact them, but they was offline.

I place another order - one overpriced missile, and accept it. This time it couldn’t be mistake, quantity, price and time of placing order was correct. But again ISK goes to random offline character, and most interesting part is that I bought single missile 3 times! So I place another overpriced order and again quantity wasn’t reduced when I accepted it.

So we have following:
Offline characters place same unique orders simultaneously with player.
Sell order of single missile was successfully accepted 3 times in a row.
ISK for sell order created by me and accepted by me in 10 seconds goes to random offline character.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Why don’t you just contract the stuff to you other toon?

Yes, it’s normal market behaviour. ISK goes to the cheapest price order on top. This is the market, you can‘t trade specific items there. Use contracts to exchange goods between alts, or the trade window.

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Yes, if you press “Buy”. But if you go to details you may pick any order.

And if it goes to cheapest, how could it be that I payed for overpriced item instead?

It gone to most expensive order.

Sell orders:

Accepted orders:

What happens is 143 of your isk is given to the lowest order (assuming that 143 is the lowest) and the remainder of your isk disappears into thin air. It’s unfortunate, but basically if you’re not the lowest order nobody will buy your stuff. If you pay 273 to the market order, it takes 143 isk out of your payment, buys you your missile and gives it to you. then it takes the 130 remainder and pockets it.

No it is not… all his isk go to the stranger nothing disapairs

What is going on is simply that you have misunderstood how the market works.

As said you can not choose what ordre to buy or sell to via the market. Sure you can click on a diffrent one and select that price … bit in the end your broker will hook up with the other broker and sell or buy from the best valued item at the cost you have chosen …

So lets say you wanna buy a missile for 200isk. So you make a buy order ( instant or with timeframe do not matter ) so what happens is you ask a broker to look at the market to see if any missile is for sale at 200 or below.

The sellers broker have a missile let.s say at 100 isk… and is the lowest seller in the station… so he tells your broker that he match the buy order …

So he gives your broker one missile and get 200 isk in return ( remeber that was the price you wanted to pay ) then you get the misile and the seller gets 200 isk .

For all that both you and the seller has to pay a small broker fee too

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The important part is, you can‘t pick a specific order to buy from or sell to. You just issue an order to the broker, for example buy 1000 missiles for 500 ISK each. The broker takes that order and matches it to sell orders in the market always beginning with the lowest price. But as you said you will pay 500 ISK you will always pay 500 ISK, and give the seller a nice extra.

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Sorry for your loss. The others are correct: you cannot choose the sell order.

Just wanted to point out that the reason the reason that you cannot be allowed to, is that people would exploit it to manipulate the market prices, and we would not be able to trust any stats about the market at all.

To make that works you need to go to other station, where you offer will be the single one for the traded item.

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Appreciate you guys for help in figuring out this situation.

Private contract

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