Possible Market Bot Discovered

Here is the issue. I found an item on the market that was being bought for 20 mil ISK through a Market Buy order and was being sold for 13.5 mil ISK through a Market Sell order. So I purchsed seven items to fulfill the Buy order.

When I sold the first item in the same station, where the 20 mil Market Buy order was posted, the item sold to a Market Buy order four jumps away for 21,140 ISK. I have done enough order fulfilling in Jita to know that the order in the station is always filled first, which makes me think this some type of botting activity because the Buy order four jumps away now has a component that is worth 8,071,000 ISK in Jita that they only paid 21,140 ISK for.

How is this done? I’m not certain, because the Buy for 20 mil should have been filled in the station and not four jumps away seeing as how I am limited to buying and selling in stations and cannot remote sell.
It could be that the scripting for the Buy order four jumps away at 21,140 ISK is actually the 20 mil Buy order in station. Instead of the orders for both being fulfilled, the order gets sent to some bot account that exists in the ether of the servers. Neither amount for the item in the Buy order reduced by one, which the station four jumps away should have reduced to 79 items but remained at 80 items.

What also makes me think this was a bot market account is the name of the player buying the item four jumps away which is Gallente Citizen 1275687558, which we all know is a telltale sign of Bot Activity as the bot player doesn’t want to be readily recognizable. If it is a bot market account the player would probably be Caldari based as the Caldari value nothing more than ISK and will do anything to get a lot of it without spending very much.

Here are some screen shots.



You cut off the minimum quantity column.

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After that one I simply don’t bother analyzing this and simply think that you are jumping to conclusions that fit for your arguments.

Do you even know how those names are generated?

And as said above, minimum quantity column is best bet so far.

Read that skill description once again…

Also, click show info on that guy in game, hamburger menu (top left of the show info window), report bot. CCP will decide if it is bot. And you even will get email back if you where right. CCP won’t take actions based on forum post and most of CCP employed don’t read forums.

I might be bit harsh on you, but only because you assume bad things without proper knowledge of mechanics. That result in you learning incorrect things. When you see something suspicious, just hit that “report bot” button. It cost you nothing and is no risk to players that did nothing wrong. Also, first checks are done by computer so it don’t bring more work to GM’s


that’s not how this works

none of your screenshots show anything that suggests bot activity.
what it does show is that you have no idea how the “Minimum Quantity” setting on buy orders works.

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TL;DR dryson gets baited on a free 6.5m flip, scams himself by selling for an absurdly low amount, tries to pass it off as bot activity to get his 13.5m refunded.

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I quit reading when I saw this.

There is no minimum quantity that shows up in the Buyers section.

I have never had this problem in Jita. I have never changed the settings on how items are fulfilled based on Buyer’s requests. Not once have I been in a station in Jita fulfilling the Buyer’s order that plainly shows the order in station, suddenly fulfilling a Buy order four jumps away from a lot less then the station that has the same item being asked for by the Buyer.

You had better just check that.

When you open the regional market window, grab the RHS and pull to make the window wider. I suspect you will see two additional columns appear in the Buyers Section: “min volume” and “expires in”.

If not, you will need to find how to add them back.

1bn isk is $6, this dude is crying about losing 6 cents. Someone scammed him out of 6cents, call the space police.

I’ve taken 20bn ie $120 off people in ‘market manipulations’ & got a gf in a pm.

I suspect you are a troll bot, and anti Caldari stench of Gallente if I ever smelled it.
You bring accusation and no proof.
Failure of a moderate order, not worth noting.
Waste of time if any ever existed.
I should have simply replied with nou and been done with it.

Yes, that depends.