Best setup for l4

I preffer a leshak for missions with plenty of battleships and a drekavac for those with lots of smaller ships.My full clear times are quite decent tank is extraordinarily good and I have something appealing to stare at

I’ve tried Kronos and Vargur, and I’ve found I prefer Kronos overall. It just hits harder in its sweet spot of 30-40km range. And I couldn’t put my finger on the concept of “hitting harder” for a long time, it just always “felt” that way, but I think I’ve finally figured it out.

Vargur has slightly less dps overall and 4sec cycle time on autocannons, compared to Kronos with 5sec cycles on blasters. So volley damage is lower with Vargur. And probably by sheer circumstance, Kronos volley damage happens to often be just about right for one-shotting many npc’s in missions, while the Vargur often needs two. So even though Vargur has faster RoF, Kronos can take out a target in 5sec where Vargur often takes 8sec. And that’s probably why it “feels” like Kronos hits harder, even if there isn’t much difference between their dps. That’s just my theory anyways. :man_shrugging:

EDIT: cycle times is actually 4.61 for Kronos and 3.25 for Vargur, but point still stands :sweat_smile:

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy flying Vargur as well, it’s more utilitarian. I can more easily fit a prop mod or two, and it can reach out to almost 100km with autocannons compared to 68km for blaster Kronos. But to me, Kronos just feels like a hard puncher, while still having a nice RoF.

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you can do bonus angel pocket with raven easily, junp with mjd, kil 6-7 towers, jump again, kill rest of them…

If I’m using one rig on Raven Navy for cap, should I use two rigors, or rigor and flare?

2 Rigor

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