Best way to get LP

Hi All,

Been back in the game for a month or so now.

There are just so many ways to earn ISK which is amazing. This time around it may actualy fund my terribad PvP pilot.

I’ve other posts up in other locations asking about the various ways to earn ISK but this one is geared more towards LP.

Whats the best way for me to earn this? (Barrak is a perfect Carebare with great skills and 8.5/9+ standings with minnie and cadlari).

  • Is it through L4 missions
  • Is it through FW PvP (Can I even get LP for that?)
  • Is it through FW missions

Any other tips would be great if you think I’m barking up the wrong tree.


Is it through L4 missions?

Is it through L4 missions

Blitzing L4’s can earn you a fair amount, but you should follow a blitz guide. Missions suck if you do them casually. You can also get a good amount of LP through incursions. From what I understand, FW can give the best LP, but the farmers are also pissing a lot of FW players off. So, you might not get a lot of help in figuring that one out. Dunno.

The way that I get LP in FW is by killing enemy players of my faction. Depending on ship size and value of the ship, you can get quite a bit of LP. I think for killing a faction or T2 frig you can get 10k LP per kill. As @Shipwreck_Jones mentioned LP farmers are rather annoying in the warzone, just don’t be that one guy who just runs missions. However, you could use your PvP pilot to get LP through PvP as supplemental income for that pilot as well as running the FW missions.

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Thanks for the replies guys.

For clarity. I think I asked this before but would like some additional comfort. If I PvP FW and only attack enemy FW players where do I gain and where do I lose standing?

My cross faction standings are reasonable and I’m keen to avoid losing to much in any case.

I have an alt that can fly with me. Is running full L4 missions and salvaging/looting profitable? ie as much as blitzing?

PURE LP, best way is burner missions / speed running (Blitzing) lvl 5’s and pvp in FW.
Probably best to worst in that order as well with lvl 4’s being worse than all 3.

I know of people who make billions an hour with multiple alts and burners, a friend who makes 500/h with lvl 5’s with 2 chars and fw is about 150/200 /h per account

Each faction has a few different LP stores, these lps can have some very different values. So most raw LP isn’t necessarily the best move.

lv5s will get a ton of LP, but this LP is generally not worth a lot, mostly trading in the 500-1000 isk/lp range. That said you get so much raw LP this can be huge income.

FW I’m not super familiar with, but at high tiers sounds like you can make a ton of LP, this is similar but slightly better than lv5 lp since you have discounted ship offers, and some unique items in fw stores.

lv4, burners and a few blitzable missions, this will get the most LP in highsec. With high faction standings you can decline bad missions and cherry pick the ones you want. Most stores you will be working for you can get lp in the 1200-2200 isk/lp range. 1200 is soe lp in lanngisi which the most raw lp you can make in highsec. the 2000 isk/lp stores you won’t make as much raw LP but you sell it a little higher than SoE. Think items like fed navy webs, or IN ENAMs.

incursions you get concord LP which trades pretty good, and you can also trade concord LP to other store LP for


Plus the advantage with this SOE system is no gankers and no signs of trouble for safe easy and fast missioning.

I wouldn’t say no gankers, but for how popular it is you’d think they would show up more.

If you PvP in FW and only attack enemy FW players you will lose standings with the enemies militia faction. I don’t know if you lose standings with the actual enemy empire because I haven’t checked.

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And captureing a site in FW gets you like 16k LP at once, for just a medium site.

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