Best way to get Trit, fast

Hi all, I’m fairly new to manufacturing. What is the single best way to get Trit? I need a huge amount.

At the moment I’m just using 0.5 sec belts but the rocks don’t have much volume so I burn through them quite quick and with stop/start efficiancy. Is there anything similar to moon mining that produces Veldspar?


Some moons produces veldspar, yes, and depending of the duration of the moon pull, those rocks can be pretty big, in the range of 100.000 m3 for some of them… And if Veldspar is abondant on that moon, the number of rocks can be pretty big.

Anyway, either you steal the rocks to the corp owning the athanor on that moon or you reach an agreement with them. Ususally the owners are more interrested with the moon goo and Don’t even mine veldspar or any HS regular ore…

Some moon goo also are composed with tritanium but if you only need trita, mining huge veldspar rocks might be better for you.

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Ok thanks, so that gives me the option of finding an occupied moon with a surplus of unwanted Veldspar or deploying my own.

Do you know the logistics involved in pulling down an Athanor if I deployed one? Is it easy/complicated? Need a freighter?

Deplying an Athanor is not really complicated… A Nereus can carry it and deploy it.

the main problem is to buy it. Not only do you need the Athanor but you also need the moon drill module. You also need fuel blocks to make it run. Each module consume a huge number of fuel block to being started and then consume some fuel blocks every hour….

So, if owning an Athanor by yourself is not impossible, it is more easier to do at a corp level when more people can share the cost associated at maintaining an athanor… Add to this, that, only by yourself, it is a huge task to mine all the rocks, even if you make small one week long pulls….


Depending on where you produce it can be a good idea to mine high value ore yourself and set up buyordes for Veldspar in your region or the next. If you have enough newbies/AFK HS Orcas around those might sell huge amounts of basic ores to buyordes. If you don’t have to go through a notorious choke point hauling it to your production won’t be a problem.

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Both very good points, thanks guys. Not the easy answer I was after but definitely helps. Off to do some moon surveying I guess! I’ll pop some buy orders up near rookie systems until then.

Use citadels if you can and save most of the taxes that way. Worst case if they shut it down would be some cheap ore in the asset safty, no biggy…

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Place a buy order.

I regularly buy 100-500 million units of trit at a time. At times I have placed buy orders for a billion units or more (this being the rare occasions I’ve done large scale building of pirate faction battleships).

I just post buy orders in backwater stations near where I intend to use the trit (same system or at most 1j).

There’s no point mining. Even if you manage to avoid losing ships, you cannot compete with highsec mining bots, nor can you compete with null rorqual fleets.

I do the same for Pyerite and Mex. Other minerals that aren’t Morphite I purchase in hubs and carry by deep space transport. Morphite I just buy a quarter million or half million units, then set a collateralized courier contract up to get it moved.

If you have outstanding refining skills and access to an Athanor or Tatara, you could also consider buying compressed ore in Jita. Generally this is not worth it unless you are running a large scale capital ship construction setup.


Oh you said highsec :frowning:

In nullsec you get hauler spawns every now and then, which give you 50 million tritanium or any other minerals as drop.

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That. I only mine if I can not stay at keyboard all the time (housekeeping duties, for exampe). Any other PVE activity at keyboard will give you ISK to do what sabriz adoudel suggests.

Steal it from jetcan miners or gank ventures, mate. Best ore/hr once ya found a good spot.

This is my preference. Having perfect refining skills (and decent market skills) is basically necessary to make it work though. Throw up a few buy orders for ~1bil total compressed veldspar across all three variants and you’ll find you get what you need in no time.

You simply can’t beat the market for getting minerals quickly.

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