Beta Launcher v0.4.x

So I managed to install the new launcher from scratch without Steam using the following method:

  1. Install Bottles
  2. Add the following runner: Preferences → Runners → Caffe-8.21
  3. Create a new Win64 bottle called “EVE”. Choose “custom” and disable both DXVK and VKD3D.
  4. Once the bottle is created, go to Settings and choose the Caffe-8.21 runner
  5. Also add the following dependencies to it: dotnet45, vcredist2019, arial32, consolas
  6. Download the new launcher and put it in a folder accessible to bottles. Typically under ~/.var/app
  7. Choose “Run executable” inside the new bottle and select the launcher

At this point the game installed and started as expected.
At first I thought my graphics card wasn’t detected because the graphics settings was all low/disabled.

So I exited EVE and enabled DXVK in the bottle Settings, and I also selected the Vulkan renderer under “Advanced Display Settings”

After logging back into the game the graphics was still low/disabled, but once I changed the shader settings suddenly stuff got enabled and I could choose whatever display settings I wanted.

It seems to run fine at this point but I haven’t tried running it for hours yet. Crossing my fingers…

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