Beyond New Frontier: become part of the family

(Lau Blavet) #1

Dear Capsuleer,

Up to this point, you have done everything right! Now think of your future in this game and consider joining Beyond New Frontier!

We provide an exciting environment wrapped in a fun and friendly community. This is proven by our long history. If you wonder why we do not have 10k members like Goonswarm - its just because we have been too lazy to advertise.

This said, here is why I advertise us as an epic group:

Out of thousands of alliances, we are one that owns a whole NPC null region as well as SOV null space! This means you have the complete freedom to choose your playground. If its dank ISK in SOV or the safety of NPC null, we find PVP in both regions! (DAILY PVP HEELL YEAH)

But what kind of alliance would we be living in ORE NPC null without the great opportunity to mine and build the living ■■■■ out of this universe?!

So buckle your seat belt and connect with us today!

(Lau Blavet) #2

On a personal note, I played solo for 9 months, then joined this corp. No regrets. It is indeed a fun, friendly and supportive environment to play EVE in, with lots of room to do the things that interest you. Feel free to contact me or any of the recruiters ingame with questions. See you in space!

Lau Blavet

(Lau Blavet) #3

Highly entertaining Nullsec corp to be a part of. BNF is in the Amish Mafia alliance (TAM). To quote from reddit:

“The entirety of Amish Mafia was the best thing about my stint in Init. Those guys are the //best/ for laughs”

come join the fun!

(AnIntrepidCosmonaut) #4

2003 player here, most fun alliance I’ve been in thus far.

10/10, Would get ganked in 20 man blops gang 2 secs after decloaking again.

(Nano Miner) #5

Come join our family, friendly peeps to play Eve with whether its mining fleets, PVP roaming, killing rats, whatever your play style. Lots of ppl to play with during whatever time of day suits you.


(Nano Miner) #6

bumpity bump