Beyond Supreme - C5 WH Corp PvE / PvP

Who are we?
A small Group, living the unforgiving Deeps of Wormholespace.
Willpower, Determination and Sacrifice brought us to where we are today! And now we are looking for new Battlebrothers,
to join us in building this glorious Empire and Fight back to back against the Horrors standing in our Paths!
Join us Today!

What we can Offer:

-C5 Ratting
-Daily PvP Content
-Trips into Nullsec
-Active Discord


-Basic Wormhole Knowledge
-Working Microphone
-Able to Fly, Leshak, Nestor any T3C
Guardian and Basilisk
-Scanning alt with CovertOps

How you join:

Join our In-Game Channel Beyond Supreme Pub and talk to a Recruiter

We’re still recruiting, have a nice day! o7

Join us today!