Beyond Supreme - C5 WH Corp PvP / PvE

Beyond Supreme Recruiting AU/EU TZ Players

We are a small and laid back Wh-Corp Living in C5 Space.

What we can Offer:

-C5 Ratting
-Daily PvP Content
-Trips into Nullsec
-Active Discord


-Basic Wormhole Knowledge
-Working Microphone
-Able to Fly, Leshak, Guardian and any T3C
-Scanning alt with CovertOps

How you join:

Join our In-Game Channel Beyond Supreme Pub and talk to a Recruiter

We’re still recruiting, have a nice day! o7

Join us today!

o7 Still Recruiting!

o7 We are still waiting for you beyonder!

o7 Beyond Supreme is still recruiting, fly safe !

Join Beyond Supreme now, and get a Free kangaroo

Get it while it’s hot!

Let’s go!

Join us today!

Join a Wh-Corp today!

Let’s go!

o/ let’s go!

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