Beyond The Threshold - C4-5/6 Wormhole Corp

Beyond the Threshold

Who are we?
We’re a new pvp-focused wormhole corp based in a C4-C5/C6! We’re primarily active in EU/US tz and we have support for both industrial and pvp seeking pilots! Recruitment is selective, and both interviews and ESI are required.


  • 90-95% buybacks for certain PI and reaction materials
  • Easy krabbing in both C5 and C6
  • Blops roams in nullsec via npc connections down the chain
  • Wormhole pvp


  • 15 million SP (Flexible)
  • Skills in at least one T3C (T2 weapons, max fitting skills and lvl 5 sub skills)
  • Willing to skill into marauders
  • Decent scanning skills and willingness to help scan
  • Mic required (non-negotiable)

If you’re interested in joining, or you represent another corp or alliance interested in collaborating, message ShayminOfSpades#2053.

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