Beyond The Gates WH corp Looking for new additions

(Michael Wingdonger) #1

Beyond The Gates [BYTG] is a C4 WH Corp looking for new players. The C4 has C4 and C3 static connections that allow for good PVP and PVE opportunities. Our corporation was founded many years ago where it has spent time in Low Sec, Null Sec and Wormhole Space. After a short break of inactivity, Beyond The Gates reopened its doors and has since been making its name in the wormhole community as a small but formidable group of rag tag players who wish to bring a wholesome experience back into the Eve wormhole world.

We are a relaxed corp that is ultimately here to play with friends and allow members to participate with group content and offer abilities to become self sufficient. At the end of the day we all want to have fun and make friends, so here at Beyond The Gates we like to take quality over quantity. Thus giving every member equal opportunity to be apart of something.

What we offer:

Small gang PVP and hunting.
Active Teamspeak3 server
Tripwire mapping of the wormhole chain.
Buy-back for Sleeper loot, raw materials, salvage, and Ores (we do offer quality industrial opportunities within our corp as this is one of our primary focuses)
Hauling assistance during war time and in general if you need it!
Good Planetary Interaction
Information and Fittings if you are new to the wormhole community as well as openness to work with each other on coming up with new and unique fits.
Ship Replacement plans for approved fleet fits
Great FC’s Officers and members who have no issue making new people feel welcome to the group
Huge boosts to mining, industry, and many connections to make ISK in other spots besides the wormhole

Minimum Requirements:

Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you how to play eve because that is not how this corp operates. We will encourage you and help guide you to proper skill paths to fit what we use. With that said, it is NOT required to have this if you wish to join. We are all here to work together and advance as a community.
Willingness to scan and use mapping tools.
A working microphone
Full, Non-expiry API for all active accounts.

Our expectations from you:

Just be friendly, help each other out and be willing to participate and lose ships (not what our goal is, but IT HAPPENS)
Be open to debriefings and be able to learn from mistakes if you are new and/or unskilled in PVP and/or Wormholes, after all it is truly a new game experience for those that have never actually lived in wormhole space.
Understand that wormhole space will not offer content on a daily basis, connections can suck, player turnout can suck, war decs can suck. With that said, most of the time content can easily be found if we work together and come up with a viable strategy to do so. We have a few scanners and obtaining more would make things flow better for the entire corp!
Although we don’t force people to actively participate, if you want to run around solo for a while (C3 or C4 sites, Exploration, Mining etc.) for profit, we encourage it. But please remember that a small donation to the corp for the ability to utilize its facilities and have its members readily available and willing to sacrifice their assets to protect yours can go a very long way for everyone involved. (We may have sacrificed a few billion isk to save a 20B isk asset before, and it was a hell of a lot of fun and totally worth it since the op was a success!)
Industry characters are welcome but we would love to have you help out in PVP in some manner. (we can provide you with relatively low PVP SP ship fits that are fun AND effective for our doctrines!.

Contact info:
If you are interested in joining up or asking specific questions feel free to contact “Michael Wingdonger”, “Scotty Nardiello”, “Helbrecht Marshall”, “Crom Stargazer” or “Killer Intent”

Also pop into our public channel “BYTG’s Public”

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you are interested in making this Wormhole community grow!

(Michael Wingdonger) #2