Beyond the gates wormhole c4 corp recruiting

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**HI GUYS AND GIRLS,bytg is a growing corp, come alliance that are looking for players new and old,for more information please join {BYTG’s Public} channel in game
we curretly need more eu players and au players as we outnumbered by us players lol :joy:
We are Beyond The Gates. We are a C4 Wormhole Corporation looking to expand our horizons!We are open to all players new and old with long time experienced players to help new players to the game learn and grow,We have many gameplay oppertunities for all different times of players including,Mining and Industry-Planetary Interaction-Research and Development,Hope to see you out there! O/

Scotty Nardiello
Helbrecht Marshall
Killer Intent
Crom Stargazer
Michael Wingdonger
Reaper Ducallious
Gelidusanima talvanen

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