Thanks, will do.

As I said at the beginning I’ve been playing for 14 years now and have never come across this before. I have no idea if this is restricted to Gallente space as Knowledgminer seems to have hit the same problem in Ourapheh as I am seeing.

You didn’t, obviously.


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So instead of @Archer en Tilavine, you’d use @Archer_en_Tilavine, and instead of @J’Poll, you’d use @J_Poll (sorry to tag you!, but FYI OP attempted to tag you a few posts above but failed to correctly do so, so scroll up to see your tag :slight_smile: )

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Or you can go to Jan and use Clone Soldier tags to recover your security standing, it’s what my RvB alt uses.

Yeah, that’s an excellent suggestion and a very good point to bring up, especially if the OP had bad Security Status.

However the OP did say he has bad standing with Amarr.

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Well I just got an e-mail from CCP. It seems as if this ambushing is intended.

That’s it. I’m off. It’s been a good run but logging onto the game was turning into a bit of a duty rather than pleasure so I was thinking of taking a break anyway.

Damn, I have been playing EVE for a long time now and I will miss it but if CCP are going to play silly buggers with the rules and put some races at a disadvantage to others then this is not the place for me any more.

All I can say about this is “Good job, CCP, another one bites the dust.”

Bye…I think Hello Kitty is perfectly balanced…try them.


Me too.

Glad to see CCP getting rid of the do-nothings


As nobody else has asked, can I have your stuff ??


If you’re gonna leave would you mind grabbing a few skill extractors and sending them to me? I’d really appreciate it.

Also if you wanna contract over a few goodies I would also love that too. I want assets, not isk, but I’d you’d rather forward over isk to me then I’ll just have to make due. Thanks in advance, m8, really means a lot for you to help stupid newbies like me o7.

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Hey, sorry, but can I have your stuff?

Aww crap someone beat me to it.


There is zero racial discrimination in EVE in terms of empires hating one race. Any race can enter any other race’s territory without harassment, or even enlist in another race’s militia. A Minmatar character can enlist in Amarr militia, for example.

You have negative standings from missioning - you’ve killed so many Amarr and/or you’ve storylined so heavily so as to piss Amarr so badly that they hate you and will attempt to kill you when you enter their territory. This is can be fixed easily, and I’d be happy to teach you how if you join the USIA Discord per previous post.


You can’t biomass gallente. The mass is unusable with all that patchouli mixed in.


FWIW, the bug I reported is still open, I’ve got nothing so far suggesting the change affecting the systems in Sanctum constellation is intended.

The OP must have worded his petition in a way that made the GM think he was complaining about the mere fact of being hunted by Amarr navy in general or something, which is of course silly and not going to get him anywhere.


Your stuffz, can I haz it?

You have no idea how this game works… do you.


First of all, Dodixie IS IN GALLENTE space. So whoever you have been running missions for, there’s your problem, unless you’re also entirely unaware that ganking lowers your sec status so that you can be unwelcome in ALL hisec space. CONCORD is neutral regardless, unless your sec status is low, then they will also shoot you.

Either bad troll post or terribly-ignorant-of-the-mechanics player. I’ll let you decide which category you fall under.

Your knowledge of Standings Mechanics determined THAT was a lie.

He was in the pleasure dome the whole time.

Still wondering where those CONCORD systems are on the route:

All systems either owned by Gallente or Caldari.
The only CONCORD/Interbus owned system are in the Genesis region, which other then the Sanctum constallation is Amarr owned. So either he just saw the message late and were already in Amarr space or just left Amarr space or just a bad troll.

So yeah, I guess bad troll.

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