Gallente Promo Week but no support for hubs outside of Jita

Pretty lost for words to be honest, I logged in tonight on one of my Amarr toons and there were less than 10 posts in local in 20 minutes.

Seems Amarr Central has shields that can block SPAM better than Jita :slight_smile:

Seriously tho, WTF has happened to the trade hubs ?

If Faction related events are to be a “Viable” thing then surely we need some support to bring traders to the local Hubs.

Something somewhere has to give because Amarr is like a ghost town now…



It isn’t. There are just enough players at the right times for my taste. It varies from 70 to 80 and I’ve seen it up to around 200. More than that and it turns into spam central.
I haven’t yet needed something that Amarr or nearby systems didn’t have.

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I’d rather not have every other trade hub turned into Jita…

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Now less than 1000 paid subs and barely over 150 people per day logging in.

Technically there is support, have you not noticed the extra warp speed in gallente systems, litterally if you are hauling you waste less time in gallente space, come to dodixe people its the most optimal trade hub now adays.

I kind of wish these system bonuses stay and that amarr caldari and mini all have different bonus’s so that it splits people up a bit depending on their style. (Actually the whole idea of system bonus’s are amazing can see it spice up eve a lot glad CCP is testing it with this event.)

Minimatar - speed
Amarr - Cap recharge
Gallente - warp speed (Already here)
Caldari - Align time (ship agility bonus)

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I’m not so certain I’d want to haul anything in Dixie Space given that it’s hub is about as active as a snowball in a furnace. Sadly.

Racial Bonus’s are not the answer for me and that’s no dis-respect to anyone who CAN exploit local hubs…

Just that it seems to me that Jita has all the love - Amarr used to be a VERY Viable place to live and trade - of late, it’s become desolate and kinda meaningless.
I wonder what effect this has on the Lowsec and Nullsec systems that “Used to” depend on Amarr for supply ? - Compared to those in a similar range to Jita 4-4 ?

Yea this Gallente Caldari war needs to freaking start already so that the players are divided and more hubs pop up this jita only thing is kinda meh.

Also Jita + Amarr hubs make no sense They are both allies Gal/mini need their own active hub.
Although the distance between jita and amarr is quite intense nowadays, which means if Gallente fight Caldari, Amarr cannot come to their aid.

thats what you get for using drugs all day and being a bunch of savages

Gallente savages? Don’t you mean mini?

galente drugs mini savages

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I guess they are mutaplasmiding their drones these days.

the galente use drugs and think about sex all the time

the mimies do tatoos with babies blood

thats why they need amarr to show them the way to the love of god

For me, personally, Amarr was always the “Safer” place to manufacture…

… I’m talking here as a decade old indy player.

It’s Hub was active, lively, and to be honest - a decent place to hang out on a weekend…

Local was - “Golden” and not at all like Jita.

Despite all that tho - I accept that the game has to change with the times but can we at least ask the developers that if they are going to give Jita 4-4 so much love and expansion, that they at least consider the other THREE main racial hubs also…

Let’s see Tax breaks for sales…
Reduced System Index costs…
Faster research/copy bonus’s…
bonuses for NOT being 4-4 Based …

The above costs should be relative to Jita so that the indy guys have a choice about where to setup and sell for the best…

If it turns out Hek is cheapest to build and sell then let’s see Hek Evolve… (as it used to be a really good place to trade also)

If CCP WANT to make Jita the main hub then let the system cost index at least reflect that because if you build big stuff - that’s the one that kills your profit margin - Those install costs per “Item” in the build list really do add up.

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amarr died slowly as a trade hub wen they took niarja for their new NPC batle simulator
niarja was the Uedama of amarr
lots of content there 0.5 ganks etc
but people now have to do 3000 jumps
or 1 in low sec
and you know the guys doesn’t like to go to low sec that much
at the time i was super pissed
and i see some players have found memories of the "trig invasion " as one of the best things that ever happened in eve
imim peace with that now… every player have their favorite moment
but i still think it was bad for the game

and btw that jump is a low sec system controlled by null sec power block nowadays … trash

if they had make triangle land with all new systems would ha make 0 diference at the end
and no need to split the universe for that
a true cataclysm in the wow sense that was that

The good news is they are looking to add more trig systems after summer and Uedema is going to be flipped into one.

Why not just give you a couple trillion isk so you can play on creative mode?

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